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Motorcycle insurance protects against financial loss associated with the operation of 2-wheeled vehicles. Most states require some minimum level of coverage for anyone operating such a vehicle. However, since such vehicles experience collisions more frequently than standard automobiles, all motorcyclists should carry sufficient insurance — even if not required to do so by their state of residence.

Coverage Types

A motorcycle policy is a compound instrument that comprises multiple types of coverage. First, liability coverage pays for injuries and property damage sustained by other drivers and their passengers when a motorcyclist causes an accident. Second, collision and comprehensive coverages pay for damage to a motorcyclist's vehicle resulting from either a collision or some listed cause other than collision, respectively. Third, medical-payments coverage pays — irrespective of fault — for injuries sustained by a motorcyclist in an accident, and personal-injury-protection coverage pays for injuries sustained by both motorcyclists and their passengers. Lastly, uninsured-motorist and underinsured-motorist coverages pay for losses sustained in an accident with a liable driver who lacks insurance coverage altogether, lacks coverage sufficient to pay a claim or flees the scene of an accident.

Additionally, accessory coverage insures motorcycle accessories not otherwise covered. Such accessories include sidecars, antennae, custom paint and parts, and even various kinds of safety gear. Any motorcyclist who has invested a lot of money in the customization of a covered vehicle should consider purchasing additional accessory coverage.

Variability of Coverage

Variability of coverage allows motorcyclists to tailor policies to their needs. Variable benefits enable a motorcyclist to select a coverage amount suitable to the value of his or her vehicle. For occasional riders, adjusted coverage can exclude periods of time — whether days of the week or entire seasons — from coverage to save on premium. An insurance agent can help any motorcyclist select a policy with suitable benefits.

Motorcycles give their riders the freedom of the open road. However, extra responsibility accompanies that freedom, and insurance protects against the financial devastation that sometimes follows a motorcycle accident. With motorcycle insurance, motorcyclists can stop worrying about loss and start enjoying the ride.

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